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Coil Cable

Coil Cable

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Length: 1.8m

Weight : 58g

Experience the ultimate in charging convenience and performance with the TEGIC coil cable:

- Fast Charging: Supports Type-C, USB-C, and Lightning connectors
- Compact and Portable: Ideal for use in the car or on the go
- Strain-Free: Designed for hassle-free usage and storage
- Car-Compatible: Perfect for powering up while on the move
- Tangle-Resistant: Adjustable length and easy storage without the mess

The TEGIC coil cable effectively tackles the clutter often associated with long cables. With up to 27W support for Type-C to Lightning and up to 100W for Type-C to Type-C, it offers a versatile and efficient charging solution. Choose the TEGIC coil cable for a seamless, tangle-free charging experience that keeps you powered up wherever you go.

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