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Length: 1.5m

Weight : 69g

Introducing the TEGIC ONIX 5.0 PRO 4-in-1 Cable - the ultimate all-in-one charging and data transfer solution for your devices. This versatile cable offers fast charging at up to 100W MAX and swift data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps. Perfect for everyday carry, it features a C94 Lightning head and a generous 1.5m length, making it compatible with a wide range of devices. The unique textured design not only provides a comfortable grip but also adds a touch of style to your device.

- 100W MAX charging power and 480 Mbps data transfer speeds
- 4-in-1 cable for versatile use and device compatibility
- C94 Lightning head for reliable performance
- 1.5m length for convenience and flexibility
- Unique textured design for added style and comfortable grip

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Timo Rezgalla
Had mine for years now and still going strong hence wanting a shorter one for travels!

I got mine from the kickstarter campaign so it’s as old as time and much loved as continues to just work! I remember the kickstarter well and was gutted to see no visible website but reached out to Hardy and got the link here so I can now get a pocket friendly length. The original one I picked was 2 meters I think possibly 3! I recently got a rolling square cable as well but it went really fast - goes to show MFi is just a certificate as these are made with the same chips in but without the pricey certs - that may well of changed as wanted to get our cables out faster he opted to drop that MFi process. I’ve had mine in use for a god number of years and never once had a pop up saying unsupported accessory!

In short it’s a nuke proof cable that does it all and with a bit of style too!
Look forward to getting the new one gutted no blue in stock lol
Thanks Hardy & Tegic

Amazing Quality Cable

Really Good Quality Data Cable & Charging Cable,i like it's , it's more use to my travel time .

Perfect all in one cable for all my gear!

I found this cable very convenient for charging all my devices. Now, I don't have to carry multiple cables for my iPhone, Android, and laptop. This single cable accomplishes the task!

TEGIC's Blue Garter Snake Cable: A Stylish and Chrome-Plated Marvel

I've purchased many TEGIC products, and I really like this blue Garter Snake cable, especially its head design with that chrome-plated finish.